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Dancing Line – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dancing Line is a new endless runner game similar to what’s on offer from Ketchapp, but the music is what makes the difference in this one. You have a number of levels with various songs, and you have to tap to change directions in order to avoid the obstacles, often corresponding with the song in the level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dancing Line!

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For the most part, your taps will consistently match up with the beat of the music. Often, though, the level will start to get out of sync with the song if you play too many times in a row, especially on The Chaos level. To fix this, back out of the level into the level select screen and then select the level again, unless you want to play a different level.

Also, even though the taps will usually match up with the music, oftentimes they will just go completely off-kilter. This isn’t helped by the fact that multiple routes can emerge in some levels, forcing you to look at the routes and figure out which direction you want to go, irrespective of the music that is playing in the background.

Experiment with playing the game with the music on and off in order to see which mode you can score higher in. If the music is distracting, then turning the music off can lead to far higher scores just by watching the movement of your cube and figuring out where it’s going to go from your eyes alone.

Cubes are the game’s form of energy, with each play of a level costing one cube. Tap on the leftover cubes and you will have three options for replenishing them. You can use 24-hour infinite cubes or you can purchase 50 of them at a time. Alternatively, you can watch an advertisement video for free cubes. Once the video is done playing, you will earn fifteen cubes for free.

There is, at the time of this writing, currently one single unlockable level in the game. With future updates, more unlockable levels will come as well. If you have already unlocked a “coming soon” level thath as not been added to the game yet, then look for the level to be added with the next update.