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Groove Planet – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Groove Planet is a new musical clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms. This is different from other clicker games in that you tap along to the beat of the music, whether it’s music that’s included within the game or your own music. Read on for some tips and tricks for Groove Planet!

Adding your own music to the game is something a lot of people have trouble figuring out, but it’s pretty simple. On an iPhone or iPad, your music is usually only available from iCloud, so you have to go to your music app and then hit the options for a song, and choose “make available offline”. Once you do this, the song will download. Once the song downloads, go to the music selection in the game, hit reload, and it will appear in your playlist.

Put fast songs in the game so that you can tap faster and make big combos more quickly. Recommended genres include speed metal with a consistent rhythm (such as Dragonforce) or faster electronic, rap, or Latin songs. With a lot of reggaeton songs, you can double time the beat for extremely quick and very high combos. Try to avoid songs with a lot of speed changes as the game can be a bit slow to pick up on them.

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However, the game doesn’t actually pick up on the beat of a song, so you can make up your beat to everything (even skits or recorded radio broadcasts) and the game will accept it. The maximum speed that you can make combos with is generally around 240 BPM, so you can quad-time the taps on slower rap and trap songs (example: BMF by Rick Ross)

Whenever you see records appear in the core of your planet, tap them and slide up on one of the three character icons. You will either get a perk or lose a perk. If you lose a perk, you can watch a video in order to make it go away. If you gain a perk, you can watch a video in order to double it.

Add as many buildings as possible, and upgrade them until you get to the point where upgrades are too expensive to be worth it. Buildings will earn you notes while you are offline, so you can sign off or just put the phone down and listen to the music for awhile, and the earnings will keep going.