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SongPop 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

SongPop 2 is the sequel to everyone’s favorite smash hit music game from two years ago. This new iOS and Android game is much the same as the other one, with the addition of all kinds of new music and some new methods of play, such as PvE (player vs computer) modes, and all kinds of new genre packs that you can win or purchase. Read on for some tips and tricks for SongPop 2!

At the beginning of the game you will be asked a bunch of questions about genres of music that you like, what decades you like, and other stuff. Then you will be given an assortment of music packages based upon what you selected. If you want to change your beginning pack, then all you have to do is delete the game, and then reinstall it, before you log into your Facebook account with it. You can always win more coins to purchase more music packs later.

One of the best ways to practice is by playing against the computer. The computer will put up a good fight in battles of music recognition, and will give you a run for your money. You’ll learn by repetition what songs are which, and your answers will become a lot quicker and more accurate.

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As you play, you’ll earn more stars for each music genre package, and as you earn more stars you will unlock more songs within the same package. Play the packages over and over so that you can get a better recognition of each song clip. Then move onto a different package and do the same thing. This will come in handy in multiplayer battles especially.

When you play in the single player mode, you will use up one coin for every time that you play against the computer. If you want to win more coins, then play in the multiplayer mode. The better you do against your friends, the more coins you will win, and you can also play against randoms if you don’t have any FB friends who play the game, or friends whose emails are connected to the game.

If you don’t want to link it to your Facebook but you want to have a regular group of people to play against, then start a games-only Facebook account and add people who make “add me” requests in various places (FB pages, App Store and Google Play review pages, or the comment section of this article) and add them, so that you can play against them later on. You’ll be able to find someone to play against over and over so that you can keep winning more coins and improving at the game. Plus, everyone has their own genre packs so the more people you play against, the more you can diversify your musical knowledge in this game.