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Ballz (Ketchapp) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, page 2

A shot that’s a little bit riskier, but with a huge potential for reward, is shooting the ball as sideways as possible. It’ll bounce off the walls a few times, and it can sometimes glance off of one tile and then fall back down, but if it is aimed right and if the conditions are right, you can knock off high-number tiles all in one shot by bouncing them off of the tiles over and over.

If you know you are about to lose, but you have a video restart left, you can forget about trying to survive on the next hand. Instead, look toward the next move after the video restart. Collect as many of the white balls as you can possibly get to, then hit the video restart and use your extra balls for the next round.

Sometimes it’s possible to get more than one video restart per round. If you get a restart, then you score loads of points after the restart, then you get beat again, it pops up about half the time. It doesn’t pop up when you have already broken your high score, but when you do, it comes back up again.

Normally, the game has music of its own, so if you want to listen to music and play the game at the same time on the same device, it won’t let you. However, if you want to play your own music, shut the game’s music off, then go to your music, podcasts or whatever you want to listen to, play whatever you want, then go back to the game and play while listening to anything you want.

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The worst jams occur when you have two or more high-numbered tiles low on the board right next to each other. To get past these, bounce a ball off of the wall and aim it at the side of the tile with the lowest number left, and aim it low on the side of the tile so that once it’s knocked off, the balls will hit the tile next to it. This especially works well if the tiles are so low that you can rebound them right off the wall for a double hit.

Each ball in the shop costs 200 rings, but you can get two different free ball colors. Tap on the Ketchapp Facebook button in the ball shop and then go back to the game and you’ll have earned a red ball. Tap on the Ketchapp Twitter button and you will earn a blue ball.

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