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Monster Paradise iPhone Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Cheats

Monster Paradise is a Pokemon-style card RPG for the iPhone and the iPod Touch platforms. Originally one of the most popular games in Japan, this title is now making its way to American social platforms, and has begun to take on a similarly stratospheric popularity here, too. Think Rage of Bahamut or Dark Summoner, but with much lighter, more colorful and anime inspired graphics, bringing something new to a very well done genre. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Paradise!

In order to protect your tablets pieces after you earn them, you should first, maximize your defensive MP when you are deciding where to put your stat points after you gain experience levels. Then, go to your menu button and go to “my party”, and add as many monsters as you can to your defensive party. All of those extra MP will let you add as many monsters as you want to your party thus maximizing your defense. Of course, these won’t stop you getting your tablet pieces stolen altogether, but they will slow down the process long enough to allow you to win more and earn more pieces.

If you just want to move the quests forward as swiftly as possible, spend all of your stat points on Stamina after you gain each level. Doing this will make it far more likely that you will gain a level before ever running out of stamina, thus allowing you to continue play for much longer.

If you want to do a Fusion+ but you don’t want it to cost as much, simply do regular fusions on the two cards involved first, so that you can level them up. The higher the level of the two cards involved in the Fusion+, the less gold it will cost to complete the fusion+.

If you want to double evolve cards, have four of the same Fusion+ capable cards, then fuse+ two of them together, then repeat the same for the two leftover cards. Then, take the two “evolved” cards and fuse+ them together as well, and you will have another, even more evolved form.