World of Pets – Multiplayer: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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World of Pets – Multiplayer is a new virtual world game for the iOS and Android platforms where you wander around a kingdom, interact with other players and NPC‘s, and collect pets. You can play mini games, collect coins and gems, and even trade with other players in this game!

There is also a chat feature that lets you connect with other players and use the game as a chat room if you want, or you can simply enjoy the town in the games.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for World of Pets – Multiplayer!

At the beginning of the game, you have to create an account and set a new username and password. Once you finish with that, you can either pick a server, or you can start your own server, which will allow you to invite other players and run your world. At any time, you can change your server by returning to the lobby, which can be done via the settings menu.

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Immediately after you begin the game, make sure to find the mayor and talk to him. He will know who the mayor is because he is wearing a top hat. He will not only give you a list of questions to complete, but he will also give you your first pet, and completing his quests will lead to coins and gems.

Be sure to find the store area of the game, because there are numerous shopkeepers throughout the village who sell various items, from clothing to new pet. You can buy stuff from them, and you can also sell stuff to them, so if you have items that you don’t want anymore, then be sure to get rid of them.

You cannot directly talk to other players the same way that you talk to NPC‘s, but you can talk to them by addressing them in the chat. Be sure to be respectful in the chat, so that you don’t get blocked or reported.

If you want to simply wander around and be alone, then either start a new server or join a server that has little to no players in it. After a while, people will start joining as they start logging into the game, though. The most people that can log into one server is 40.

You can trade almost anything you want with other players, such as pets, clothes, magic, and other items, trading can be a great way to get rid of items that you don’t want and exchange them for items that you don’t have. Figure out what other players want, and you might even be able to trade common items for items that are a bit more rare.

If the game is using too much battery power, go to the video settings, which is inside of the settings cog, and change the graphical arrangement around. You can choose from three preset settings or you can switch the video settings to custom mode, which will allow you to modify everything individually. You can’t change the frame rate, though; that might be something that gets added by the developers later on in the life of the game.

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