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Team Play – What It’s All About

This game is advertised as a multiplayer idle RPG, and it is, because you can team up with other players to go on runs through the same levels as you can in the single player mode.
The major benefit of this is that only one of you (out of a team of four max) needs to be online in order to fight bosses. So you can actually progress from level to level while you’re AFK.

When you join a team, or fill out a team that you started, the progress will begin with the player who’s at the earliest point in the game. So if that’s not you, then you’ll see yourself sent back to where that other player is. But because the rest of the team will be disproportionately strong compared to the other player, it won’t take long at all to get back to, and even get past, where you previously were.

When you’re putting a team together, always be sure to have a good mix of class types. You don’t want to have a team with four DPS people or four tanks, because hardly anything would get done. You want a good mix of healers, DPS and tanks, and/or of melee and range types.

You can leave a team at any time, and you’ll remain at the level that you were at last. A good time to leave a team is when other players either start leaving or go idle for long periods of time. You can jump from team to team as needed, as well.

You can pick either an Idle or an Adventurous team to join. Idle teams tend to be AFK more often, while adventurous teams tend to be online and actively battling bosses more often.

Using Team Play for Cheap Level-Ups

If you’re too weak and you join an open team with much stronger players, they might kick you out. But if you’re at a low level, join an all-AFK team with higher-level players. Just like above, they will go back to wherever your starting point was if you’re the weaker one.

Because they are stronger, you can now use their AFK characters to blast through levels quickly so that you don’t have to waste time toiling away at the earlier levels. Keep this up and you’ll make extremely quick progress throughout the game.

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Of course, be sure to pay it forward. Once you get strong, set your team to open-join and AFK for awhile when you don’t plan to be online, so that other players can join up and get some quick levels.

Make an entire team using just your own characters

To do this, you have to have created 3-4 characters on your account. Make a team with one of your characters, then send invites to all of your other characters. Then log back into your other accounts and accept the invites.

The upside to this is that you can progress all of your characters at the same time, and you can go to each character and upgrade them how you want to. You also have full control of skill and pet deployment.

The downside to this is that only one character can be active at a time, unless you log in on multiple phones or tablets at the same time.

The Camp and Everything In It
The camp is the main area inside of the left menu button, where all of the buildings are. At first, you have almost none of the camp unlocked. You’ll unlock more stuff as you gain player levels, and, to a lesser extent, as you progress forward to more areas.

Some of the first unlocks are the cook area, pet area, and the capture area. The cook area allows you to make recipes out of the raw food that you pick up. Capture area allows you to place cooked food in order to manage your pets, and the Pets area allows you to pick a pet for battle, train and manage your pets, and more.

Beyond that, you can also unlock the Black Market, the Mystic Realm, the Skill Chest, and the Broadcast Station.

Get your rewards

Always be sure to follow the little red notification icon that appears next to menu thumbnails, not just the ones in the equipment menu. It means that there’s something for you to do or collect. They’ll pop up when you have completed quests, or when you have new items to use in the storage area, or for other reasons.

The Use and Upgrade of Skills

Once you unlock skills, then you’ll be able to equip one of them at first, with up to four skill slots becoming available as you gain experience levels. Each character class gets their own set of skills to use and swap out.

Enhance your skills by sacrificing other skills that you don’t need. Generally, only sacrifice common skills and leave rare skills behind. The enhance applies to the skill slot, not the individual skill, so the enhancements transfer to other skills, too.

Keep checking back to this guide, as we are constantly updating!

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