Archero: Best Spirits (Pets) Guide and All Pets List and Rarities

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Archero is a roguelike archery game that blends the best elements of RPGs and bullet-hell shooters to make one unique and fun (and difficult) experience, with a ton of features ranging from new weapons, to talents, all the way to spirits. They’re officially known as spirits within the game, but they’re most commonly known as “pets” to the players.

Pets, or spirits, act as your “wingmen” of sorts in battle, dealing all sorts of damage to enemies while allowing you to stay shielded. Plus, they can be upgraded just like your weapons can.

Read on for a full guide to the pets/spirits in Archero, from how to get and use them to which is the best!

How to get Pets and Pet Cards

You get pets the same way as you get just about everything else in this game: by random chance. You get chest rewards by playing the chapters and levels, and the chests have a random chance of giving you a new pet, or giving you an identical pet card.

Pet Rarities

Now if you get a new pet, you can equip them in your equipment screen. If you get a duplicate pet, then you instead upgrade the rarity of your pet. White is common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, purple and gold is perfect epic, and gold is legendary. The more rare that a pet is, the stronger they are.

List of All Spirits:

Laser Bat

The Laser Bat can shoot out lasers that have the skill of being able to blast right through a wall, like a shot with the “pierce” power-up would. This gives you a huge advantage in a room filled with walls and blocks, which would normally block a shot of yours. Hide behind walls, away from enemy fire, and let the Laser Bat make short work of them.

As far as damage goes, the damage that the lasers do is actually just a little bit low compared to some of the other pets. The firing speed is also average. It’s not great when you’re in a stage that’s heavy on single large enemies, or against a boss, but it’s great against large quantities of enemies especially on levels with a ton of walls.

Scythe Mage

Unlike the Laser Bat, whose attack shoots through walls, the Scythe Mage shoots through enemies, allowing one shot to hit multiple enemies. It can’t pierce through walls, but it can pierce through enemies, making it excellent when you have a big crowd of enemies and not a lot of walls.

It’s not of much use in a room with a lot of walls, but it can help you get to bosses, and through bosses. The attack power is very high, so the Scythe Mage is very effective against bosses, too.


The Elf, or Fairy, operates kind of like your main fighter with the blade equipped. It shoots high-speed projectiles with a quick firing rate. The more boss-heavy a chapter is, the more effective this is.

It won’t be very useful against a chapter with a high quantity of enemies, or a lot of walls, as it neither pierces nor ricochets, but it will be very effective against bosses.

Living Bomb

The Living Bomb ghost is rather unique among attackers in that its chosen method of attack is to throw bombs that do area damage when they land. So this one works well against big clusters of enemies.

Additionally, the bomb can be thrown over walls, making this one of only two pets that can clear walls in order to attack from behind cover.

The best spirit/pet in Archero

So what is the bet pet or spirit in the game? Without taking anything else into consideration, the answer is generally the Scythe Mage or the Laser Bat – the Bat if you want to attack from behind cover, or the Scythe Mage to do high amounts of damage in multiple situations.

When you consider things such as rarity, or pet-specific power-ups in battle, the answer becomes: it depends. Often, a rarer Living Bomb or Elf can be more effective than a less rare version of the Scythe Mage or the Laser Bat. And then it depends on the type of enemy that fills a specific chapter.

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