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Identity V: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Identity V is a new multiplayer asymmetrical survival horror game for the iOS and Android platforms where you can play as either the hunters or the survivors. If you are the survivors, then your goal is to break the cyphers without getting hunted down, and if you are the hunter, your goal is to hunt down and eliminate as many survivors as possible before they escape. Plus, there’s a story inside of the game as well, with a detective investigating the goings on inside of a creepy mansion. Read on for some tips and tricks for Identity V!

You’ll have to play the tutorial for a bit before you unlock the Hunter mode, although you’ll get the Survivor mode almost instantly. In Hunter mode, use whatever special skill you have, such as listening, to track down where the survivors are. Run after them, hit them, and then when you are recovering, watch where they are running and don’t lose track of them. When you can run again, get them, finish them off, and then quickly move onto the next survivor. Repeat until you win.

When in the survivor mode, the hunter is your enemy, and if they get to you and hit you, you lose health. Evasion is your main tactic here. Change directions a lot, because the hunter is a bit cumbersome in changing directions – moreso than the survivors – but runs faster than the survivors, leaving you at a disadvantage speedwise. Multiple survivors at the same cypher is also a good idea, especially if you and the other survivors have the same appearance, so that the player who controls the hunter will forget who the last person was that they hit.

In survivor mode, take advantage of your smaller size and run in between small spaces when you’re in escape mode. You can fit into spaces that the hunter cannot, making it easier to escape and harder for them to get to you. And in hunter mode, when you’re listening, strafe and turn your camera at the same time with the survivors in view. This will make it easy to gauge their distance from you.

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The main quests mode comes in the form of the investigations that the detective is doing. All that you have to do here is to follow the footsteps and tap, although you can deviate at any time and explore the mansion or go to the main bookshelf to start a hunter/survivor game. While you really don’t have to continue the story at all, you should so that you can earn bonuses for the game. Hit the skip button if you want to speed the story along.

Be sure to upgrade the skill tree for both the hunters and the survivors. Whenever you finish one form of the game, you will earn talent points, which can then be used to add or upgrade a new talent. Pick your talent based on your biggest needs in the game up to this point, whether it’s speed, health, or better finding and tracking capabilities.