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Must Deliver: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Must Deliver is a new game by Cherrypick Games for the iOS and Android platforms, an 8-bit-esque endless runner similar to their previous effort Touchdown Hero, except with zombies instead of football players. Your goal is to make as many deliveries as possible while avoiding zombies, collecting coins, and unlocking new secret characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Must Deliver!

Your distance is measured in the amount of deliveries that you make. Each delivery gets a little bit more difficult than the last one; more zombies will appear, and less power ups for your super move will appear, and the ones that do will tend to appear when you have zombies coming at you, so you will have to focus a whole lot harder in order to make those tough later deliveries.

After you lose at a round, you will have the option to watch an advertisement video in order to earn coins. Once you finish the video, you will earn 100 free coins. You can also earn coins each time that you successfully complete one delivery, so the more deliveries that you do, the more coins that you will earn. Or just die right away and hit the video-watch button.

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Whenever you earn 500 coins, you will have the option to spend coins in order to unlock a new character from the Gacha machine. The main difference between characters, aside from the way that they look, is what their super move is. Each character’s super move will have slightly different attributes, but in general they will do pretty much the same thing, which is to allow you to run down all of the zombies in your path for a few seconds.

Of course, each character’s super move can also be upgraded. This costs you 4,000 coins apiece in order to pull off the upgrades, but once you do the upgrade, the super move will last a little bit longer. Be sure to save the super move for when you are so swamped you won’t make it out alive, but don’t let yourself get sucked too far in before you think to pull off the super move.

Keep an eye on as much of the field at a time as you possibly can so that you can know where the zombies are at all times. That means that instead of staying in one spot, swipe from side to side even when you are not actively trying to avoid zombies so that you can always see where they are, and take whatever action you need to in order to avoid them.