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ZenDots: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

ZenDots is one of the newest games for the iOS platform. This hybrid between pinball and Breakout has been designed with relaxation in mind by the rather genius developers, acknowledging a huge yet often silent core of the iOS gaming ecosystem. Your goal here is to drop all of the balls off of the top of the stage, then move onto the next stage and do the same thing. Read on for some tips and tricks for ZenDots!

In order to drop a ball off of the top of the stage, you are going to have to hit it with the white ball. Once a ball falls, you can hit it back up with the flippers if you want to, but it won’t do anything except get in the way; the white ball is the only one that will knock other balls off the top of the stage, so focus on hitting the white balls.

Try to get the white ball stuck above all of the other dots at the top of the screen by making a hole and then shooting it through. Once it gets stuck it will roll across all of the dots that it comes across, and then dislodge them. They won’t fall right away, but they will fall once you clear out the dots that block their path.

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If you lose all three of your dots you will have to restart the level. If you want to get one free fourth dot, then you can watch an advertisement video in order to get another dot, but if you want to get more dots than just the one, you are going to have to purchase a dot from the in-app purchase store. You can watch videos for free dots as often as you want to, for what essentially amounts to red unlimited dots.

Every stage has the exact same dot/ball layout as every other stage. Because of this, the exact same strategies will work on every single stage that you play. The balls won’t move faster, the layout won’t change; nothing changes except for the color of the five rows of balls that appear on the stage.

If the ball is coming down fast and you don’t know whether you are going to have to use the left or right flipper, just hit them both at the same time to make them both fire, and you’ll hit the ball, as there isn’t enough space in between them to miss when you do that. Either that or start rapidly tapping the left and right side over and over and you will be sure to hit something.