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aa 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

aa 2 is the sequel to the original smash hit, aa, by General Adaptive. Basically, it’s as if they took the original aa game, and made it stupidly hard. The overall play style is very similar to the original one, except that now it’s a whole lot more difficult compared to before. The balls move at different speeds, the circles do a lot more janky turning, and overall there’s more stuff that the minds behind the game thought of that can torture a player. Read on for some tips and tricks for aa 2!

When you get to a new level, instead of trying to jump in right away, sit back and watch the pattern in which everything moves. Let it all move around a few times, and then remember what the pattern is. On levels that this is applicable to (which is most of them), seeing and knowing the pattern is entirely the key to beating the level.

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For some others, you have to drop a ton of balls, and you have to get them in as tightly as possible. Best to tap quickly and drop them as quickly as you can, rather than letting the circle spin around again and again and trying to squeeze balls into the tight spaces.

Levels where you have to drop balls onto two different “suns” as opposed to just one different “sun”, typically look tougher than they actually are, especially because usually one sun is just moving glacially slow. In those cases, it takes patience above all in order to beat the level. Wait for the slow sun to spin the balls out of the way, then aim at a spot on the fast sun.

On stages where the lines attach to the balls that you drop vary in size, such as stage 18, watch the outer circle. When you tap, your ball will line up with where the outer circle is at the time. Drop the balls closer to the sun first, and the ones farther away from the sun after that, going gradually farther away to make it a bit easier.

If you want to get rid of the ads without buying the no-ad feature you can play the game in airplane mode and it will have the same effect. This is generally not recommended though as General Adaptive is an indie developer who pays their bills with these ads. The no-ad option is cheap, a dollar or two, so buy it if you really hate the ads that much.