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Flappy Fighter: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide

Flappy Fighter is a not-so-new fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms that was released shortly after the rise of Flappy Bird, but has only started to gain traction 4 years later thanks to a Kotaku spotlight. This game is a parody of the original Street Fighter II, featuring Flappy against Flappy.

You play as Flappy, but dressed as Ryu from SFII and with all of Ryu and Ken’s original special moves. Your goal is to fight through all difficulty levels, beating the opposing Flappy at every turn.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Flappy Fighter!

You have four moves that you can use against the other Flappy. Just like Ryu and Ken in the original Street Fighter II, you can use the original Hadouken, as well as the uppercut punch and the hurricane kick, as well as the jump kick, which is not an original special move, but is effective all the same.

To start, you’ll play on easy mode, but you’ll quickly unlock medium and hard difficulties, which are far tougher to win. You have to deal with a speedy mix of all four attacks here, so knowing which attack to use to counter which is important.

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Also important is the proper use of blocking. Hold down on the left or the right button to block. When in a non-blocking situation, tap on the left or the right button to execute a dash move to make a quick escape to the other side of the screen.

Block enough attacks and your special bar will fill up. When it fills, tap on your name on your starting side of the screen and you’ll execute a special attack. For Flappy, it’s an uppercut move, so be sure that you are close to your opponent before you hit the button.

Tap on the timer during the fight and you’ll pause the game. You’ll have a number of options on the pause screen, the obvious ones being to unpause and to quit the fight. You’ll also be able to turn off the training buttons, which will force you to attack only by feel.

Also in that menu is the Command List, which shows you all of your available moves. You’ll see that you can dash cancel mid-Flapooken, or hit the 3 (Hadouken) button to punch when you’re at close range.

Stay tuned for more updates to come along now that this game has gotten noticed again. The developer has promised to add more characters to the game, so to get more characters, stay tuned for new updates to be added to the game.


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