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Emoji Drop – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Emoji Drop is a new puzzle game for the iOS platform. Your goal in this game is to get your Emoji to the flag at the end of the level, but it’s extremely difficult to do so, and more and more obstacles will keep appearing as you get through more and more levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Emoji Drop!

Before you start your movement, sit back and watch the obstacles and their movements for a little bit. Try to figure out their patterns. Once you figure out how they move, start making your way to the end of the stage and you’ll be able to get through them more easily than before.

Watch out for the spikes that drop down from the ceiling on some levels. They are timed differently, and they will drop when you hit a certain proximity. Some will drop when you are right under them. Others will drop when you are on space away. Still others will drop when you are one space away and you’re two floors under them, rather than one floor under them.

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You have fifty total stages to complete in this game, at least until the developers add more stages. After you beat them you can either replay the game over, or go to the endless mode that you unlock after you beat the fiftieth stage. Endless mode will present all kinds of challenges that the normal mode does not.

If you want to skip a stage, you can pay in order to do so. However, every single stage in this game is beatable, so there is no reason to pay any kind of money to skip any of the stages.

If you want to get rid of the ads, you can neither purchase the no-ads power up, or you can go to the settings on your phone and set them to airplane mode, or set the data and the wifi on your phone or tablet to be turned off. However, it’s recommended not to do this as the ads are how the indie developers pay their bills. Buy the no-ads option if you don’t want to see ads anymore.