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Pocket Planes for iPhone and Android: Get more coins and bux

Pocket Planes is the iPhone game that allows you to run your very own network of airports, starting off at one location and eventually working your way to having your own worldwide airport network! Think of it like Risk or Stratego, but much friendlier. You can even compete with your friends by getting into your very own “flight crew” and seeing who can deliver to the most cities, and who can make the most money. Coins are the main currency in this game, but Bux are the highly coveted premium currency that really gets you farther in the game. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Bux, being the premium currency that they are, normally cost you real life money to buy through the app store. To buy them, tap on the shop, and then tab on over to the Bux menu, and a number of premium packages will be made available to you.

However, getting free Bux is much better than paying for them. Look through your jobs list an an airport, and often, a person or cargo will pop up that shows a number of Bux as your payout, instead of coins. Load this person or cargo onto your plane and deliver them where they want to go, and you will be rewarded with Bux. To increase your likelihood of a premium passenger appearing, upgrade your airports. This will especially make a difference at smaller airports, which are cheaper to upgrade and normally don’t have many (or any) premium passengers or cargo appearing.

You also get 3 free Bux each time you gain a level. Combine the free bonus Bux with the premium passengers and cargo and your bonus totals can really add up. In addition, any time that you are watching your planes fly, grabbing the coins that fly by, look for a bux to fly by. They pop up every so often, so tap it when you see it.

To get more coins, use your bigger planes, which can hold more than one passenger or cargo, to make multiple deliveries to the same location at the same time. Doing this will increase the percentage of coins you earn for a delivery, making this more and more effective the more passengers/cargo you can take to one place. Also, speed up the delivery of passengers or cargo by setting your phone’s time ahead far enough to complete all deliveries instantly, so you don’t have to wait to earn your coins.