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Pocket Planes for iPhone and Android: Get free airplane parts and cheap planes

Pocket Plains is the follow up, of sorts, to Tiny Tower, the original iOS tower game that spawned countless knockoffs, and judging by the popularity of this game already, it looks to follow suit. One of the most frustrating parts of the game (easy to say, since there aren’t that many actual frustrating parts) is that you have to spend a lot of Bux to get airplanes, typically, or pray that airports unlock the right parts for you to build an airplane (which also costs bux, albeit a LOT less bux than buying an entire airplane does). How would you like it if you could get free airplane parts and build a bunch of cheap planes? Read on to find out how!

First off, a disclaimer. “Free”, in this context, means that you do not have to spend Bux on them. You still have to spend some coins to get them, but not many coins. Here’s how you do it.

You need to have a good number of extra coins for this, but do this right and it stays pretty cheap. First, gain a level so that you unlock a new airport, or close an airport that has no planes in it so that you have one airport slot unlocked. Now, go buy a whole different airport. Each time that you buy a brand new airport, you will get a free airplane part to go with it. It has to be an airport that you haven’t previously opened before, though. Reopening a previously closed airport won’t earn you a part

Now, close THAT airport (you will get half of the money back), and go open a different airport. You’ll get yet another plane part. Keep doing this and you will be completely inundated with plane parts.

To make this a cheaper affair, go find airports that are rated at 0.0M or 0.1M, which typically cost 1000 to 1500 coins to buy, and half that to sell. You can find a large number of these kind of airports in Canada, Alaska and Australia. Now simply keep doing this until you have the body, engine and controls for one plane, and then go to the menu, go to “parts”, then “build”, and build the plane that you have all of the parts for. Simple as that.