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Cooped Up: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Cooped Up is a new endless jumping game for the iOS and Android by Nitrome Inc. You play as a small, fully grown feathered bird stuck in a coop full of baby chickens, and your goal is to get out and escape (or at least try to, since it is an endless coop after all) and avoid all of the chickens, while collecting all of the bugs that you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cooped Up!

Your method of aiming is to pull back like a rubber band (or like Angry Birds sideways) and then launch. You can either aim straight up or you can aim sideways by a little or by a lot. In addition, if you have a chick on your level that is coming after you but you need to get on the other side of it, you can do a weaker sideways aim to fly over it.

Watch out for the fast-moving chicks on space 4, and other spaces. These are the ones that will kill you the fastest. They disappear off of the side of the screen, then reappear and knock you out within a matter of seconds if you are not paying attention. Watch their pattern before you try to jump past them so that you know the right time to jump.

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Don’t focus too hard on collecting the insects or you will end up getting side tracked and crashing into too many birds. If you want to collect more of the insects, then go for only the ones that are really easy to get from your current position. Not only will you get a higher score, but you will collect more of the insects in the long run.

You can get rid of the ads in this game by switching the phone into airplane mode or shutting off your data and your WiFi. There’s not much point because they don’t really pop up, though, they just show up in the banner. You can also spend a dollar to make the ads go away forever if you choose to do so.

If you start to get too frustrated to focus or are in danger of rage quitting, then stop the game and come back to it half an hour to an hour later when your adrenaline is down. You will find it to be much easier after you come back to it, and you will most likely end up setting high score records as well