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Oddwings Escape: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Oddwings Escape is a new flying game for the iOS platform released in 15 different languages at the same time by Nordic developer Small Giant Games Oy. This game puts you in control of a trio of Franken-birds whose goal is to fly for as far as they can, collecting things such as keys, hearts and coins, while avoiding the sides of the stage and any other obstacles that may get in the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Oddwings Escape!

You’ll notice that your bird starts to speed up and slow down depending on what your angle of attack is. Try to stay at a slight decline for as much of the game as possible so that you can increase your speed constantly. The faster that you go, the farther that you can go and the more of a chance you have at beating tough levels.

Wanna go as far as possible in the endless levels? Use your coins to upgrade the speed and the time of your bird. Those are generally the most important to purchase, although shield and turning are also useful upgrades and will make it easy to add to the distance that you can fly without taking too much effort.

Use the endless levels for any of your grinding needs. If you need more keys to unlock more levels, or if you need more coins with which to purchase upgrades, go to the endless levels such as Tropics and you will be able to find them there. More upgrades makes it easier to go a long distance there, too, which is important because distance is required to unlock new levels. Take different paths on the endless levels, too, as some paths are easier to get a long distance from than others.

Every time that you finish an endless round, you will be able to watch an ad for double the coins. This is where speed and distance upgrades are extra important. The farther that you can go, the more coins that you can earn, which will make watching an ad that much more worth it as far as coins go. All the more that you can buy upgrades with!

Once you lose a wing (energy), it takes fifteen minutes to recover it, so if you lose all five wings, you have to wait to play again until at least one of them is recovered. Watch an advertisement video and you will be able to recover it right away, though. If you want to get all five of them back right away, you will be able to watch five ad videos in a row for as long as they are available.

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