Wonky Ship – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

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Wonky Ship is a new endless flying game where you control a nearly out-of-control ship that is trying to escape a black hole, by using its thrusters to steer. Your goal is to get the highest score possible by surviving a long time, flipping, and making near-misses with all of the surrounding asteroids. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wonky Ship!

It’s easy to lose control of your ship, but the quickest way to regain control is not to hold down on your thrusters, but to tap the thrusters so that you can make slower movements. The slower movements make it a lot easier to get control of your ship and not fly off to the side or spin out of control.

The quickest way to increase your score is to do flips, but these can throw your ship out of control if you can’t recover control. To do a flip, hold one of the thrusters to spin your ship, and for each time that it goes around once, it’ll count as a flip. You get a 2x bonus if you do two flips in a row, a 3x bonus if you do three in a row, and a 4x bonus if you do four in a row.

To do a flip and then recover from it, start spinning and then partway through the spin, lay off of the one thruster and lay on the opposite thruster until you recover. With the smaller ships it is possible to do 2 or even 3 flips in a row and then recover if you hit the thruster at the right time. Do this multiple times in a run to score hundreds and even thousands of points.

The more points you score, the more new ships you can unlock. Each ship has slightly different traits. The larger ship is easier to control, but you won’t be able to spin as quickly. The smaller ships can spin a lot more quickly, but it is a lot easier to lose control of them.

Overall, though, the smaller ships are easier to set a high score with. Not only is the flipping the cause of this, but with a smaller ship, you’re also a smaller target. It’s a lot easier to escape from a meteor. If you are using a larger ship, you have more ship to get out of the way of the meteor.

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