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Save The Titanic iPhone game guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Save The Titanic is a game where you, well, save the Titanic. You are the captain of the Titanic and you come in where the ship is right about to hit an iceberg. Your task, as said captain, is to steer the ship to the side enough that it will completely miss the iceberg, and thus the Titanic will be saved. If you hit the iceberg, you still want to hit it at a wide enough angle that you can save the majority of the passengers on board. Having trouble figuring it out or need some help? Read on for some tips and tricks so that you can Save The Titanic!

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What you need to do is to spin the wheel to one side or the other as fast as you can before you hit the iceberg. However, it’s still difficult to steer away from the iceberg, so you might need to employ a few tricks in order to be victorious and avoid the iceberg.

For example, when you are steering with the surface of your finger, your finger will usually cause drag on the screen, making the game steer much, much slower. Instead, try steering with your fingernail. Your finger will slide much easier on the screen, and you will be able to steer the wheel much more quickly.

For some reason, even though the game instructs you to steer to the right, it is much easier to avoid the iceberg if you steer to the left instead. The ship steers much more quickly if you steer it to the left, instead of to the right.

Also, to get the highest score possible, complete the avoidance of the iceberg as quickly as possible. When you are in a harder difficulty mode, as well, it is much easier to score high on this game. In the easier difficulty levels, your scores will tend to be lower, even if you succeed in saving the ship from the iceberg.