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Plants vs Zombies 2: How to beat the Yeti Zombie and Dr. Zomboss

Welcome to part three of the Plants vs Zombies 2 All Zombies Guide – the guide to how to beat the Yeti Zombie and the Zomboss! Click here to go back to part two of the Plants vs Zombies 2 All Zombies Guide!

The Yeti Zombie will provide you with all kinds of bonuses if you beat him, such as tons of money or even keys. If you are too slow, however, he’ll run away. One surefire way to trap him is to put either a Wall-Nut or a Tall-Nut behind him when he shows up on the stage, in order to box him in. Also, use the Iceberg Lettuce to freeze him so that you can get in a few more hits.

You’ll want to put in plants that will do a large amount of damage to the Yeti Zombie. Bonk Choy is one of the best here – put it next to where the Yeti Zombie is and he’ll start punching his lights out. Load up the row that the Yeti is in with a whole bunch of other plants, too. Most of all, save your plant food for the Yeti when you are on the Yeti stage. Start using your plant food on the most applicable attack plants – a particular favorite is the Cabbage-Pult, and the good old Pea shooters, Repeats or Pea Pods are always very effective as well. Plus, bomb him with a Potato Mine or two for some extra damage.

If you are still having trouble, restart the stage before the stage ends. You’ll come up against the Yeti again, and you will get a chance to do it all over again.

Dr. Zomboss is the final boss of this game, and can be found after you beat the Wild West. He’ll attack in patterns. First of all, though, he will send out an army of zombies to attack you, so make sure that your line is loaded with attack plants. You can only use the plants that come on the conveyor belt, which are Melon-Pults, Cabbage-Pults, Kernel-Pults, Ice Shrooms, Jalapeños, and Flower Pots, so you will have to make a strategy with them.

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He’ll attack from the Zombot, which will bend over and shoot fireballs or ice out of its mouth. You can only damage it when its mouth is open. Save your plant food for when the mouth is open, and use the plant food to do major damage during these weak times. Keep doing this pattern, and you’ll beat the Zomboss.

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