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Respeck On My Name – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Respeck On My Name is a new strategy-based puzzle game by Bruh for the iOS platform. Your goal is to help Birdman, as a bird, dodge the haters and collect the Respeck sauce, and as you complete levels, you put more Respeck on your name and raise your Respeck level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Respeck On My Name!

You bounce back and forth between two rubber band-style platforms, and at the end of the opposite one is the Respeck sauce. Tapping on the screen changes the direction of your Birdman bird, so you have to tap at the right time in order to escape the haters. Run into one of them, and your run is over immediately, causing you to have to start again.

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There are a total of 100 levels in this game. For each level number, that’s the amount of Respeck sauce you have to collect. So you have to earn just 1 to complete level 1, whereas on level 50, you have to get 50 Respeck sauces in one single run. Other than that, the birds will always fly with the same amount of randomness, and at the same speed, so once you figure out the timing, it becomes fairly easy to beat the game.

Hit the No Ads button and for a small fee, you can get rid of all of the ads in the game. If you play the game with no data or in airplane mode, all of the ads will go away until you turn the data on or until you turn airplane mode back off.

Press the bar graph button to see how you rank among the entire worldwide group of players on Game Center. The highest possible score is 100, and right now the highest score has been attained by only one person. Keep playing and avoiding the birds, though, and you’ll eventually, after a long while, make it up to that high score.

You can go back to any level you want to as long as you have already beaten that level. Just go to the title screen and you can select any level. To get back to the title screen after losing a round, hit the retry button, and then a back button will appear in the upper left corner. Press back and you will be taken to the title screen, where you can select any level before hitting “Play or Start”.