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Tampon Run: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Every so often a new game comes out and breaks the Internet, and right now Tampon Run seems like just the right game for such an occasion. This game aims to take away the stigma behind menstruation while also raising awareness for the plate that women in developing countries face as far as being able to get access to tampons, sanitary napkins or other things that most people just take for granted. You run, you throw tampons at boys, and you try to get the highest score possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tampon Run!

You have a limited number of tampons that you can throw, so be sure to throw them wisely. Don’t just throw tampons willy-nilly. Throw them only when you see your target come on screen. And be sure to jump and collect the boxes of tampons that appear at over the head of your character, or else you will run out of tampons.

You can opt to avoid boys instead of throwing tampons at them, and you won’t be penalized for it. However, if you run into either the rocket boy or the running boy, you will lose two of your tampons. If you run into one of the boys while you don’t have any tampons left, you will lose and you will have to start the stage back over. Try to keep as many tampons on you as possible at all times.

Then again, you may not want to avoid the flying boys. Each one of them that you hit with a tampon gives you two points. However, each one of the runners that you hit with a tampon only gives you one point. So if you want to learn as many points as possible for as few tampons as possible, try to hit all of the flyers. If you want to be super point efficient, you can even avoid the runners and try to only hit the fliers.

Building off of the above, at the beginning of the game you will only face running boys. Instead of shooting tampons at them, avoid them and collect tampons early on so that you have a ton of them. Then when the flying boys start to appear, start shooting tampons about the runners and the fliers. This is another way to maximize the points that you earn relative to the number of tampons that you have.

If you start to get frustrated at this game, turn the game off for a half an hour to an hour and then come back to it after a certain amount of time and it will be easier for you to play, just because your adrenaline will be down and your concentration will be heightened.

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