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Virtual Beggar: Tips, Tricks, Glitches, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Virtual Beggar is a game where you play as a homeless guy begging for change. You can toss him coins and you can have him use that money that he collects to become self sufficient, starting a small business and hiring people, eventually becoming a business mogul with smart investing and hiring. Read on for some tips and tricks for Virtual Beggar!

The basics, before the business even is that you have three ways of earning coins. You can tap on coins that people throw, or you can tap blank areas to throw coins to him. Or you can increase the amount of automatic coins that you earn per minute with purchases from the store. If you want to cheat and earn coins instantly instead of per minute, go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead on your phone.

The same trick works for your workers in your business. Go and set the time ahead on your phone by however much time the worker with the longest job needs to complete it, then collect the money and start them again. You can do this trick however many times you want to to get rich FAR quicker than you otherwise would.

Virtual cards are the premium currency of the game. To get more of them for free, go to the menu area and go to the virtual cards tab, and you can watch advertisement videos in exchange for more virtual cards. Alternatively, you can wait for people to throw them and then pick them up. Balloons sometimes drop them, too (other times balloons drop coins or experience boosts).

Scroll to the left of your business and you can hit the library, which lets you train your workers, enabling them to work more jobs and make more money per minute at these jobs. Or, if you have enough money and want to hire better, smarter, and harder working workers, you can fire your old workers to make room for new ones, or for a LOT of coins you can expand your business to hire more workers at a time.

The library is the fast way to level up workers; the slow way is simply by having them work. You’ll unlock their second job when you level them up to 3 and their third job when you level them up to 8. Workers need a specific amount of rest depending on their endurance level. Lazy workers, for example, need a lot of rest. High endurance workers can almost work 24/7.

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