MMX Racing – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

MMX Racing is a new monster truck racing game for the iOS platform, possibly coming to the Android platform eventually as well. You start off with a basic truck that’s not even all that big or lifted, but as you win races, earn cash and gold and get upgrades, you’ll start to see your truck transform into an insanely huge and fast powerhouse. Read on for some tips and tricks for MMX Racing!

You have to time the jumps perfectly in order to get the maximum “awesome” score and get the speed boost. Takeoffs are the tough part. You have to let go of the gas pedal at the exact moment that your front tire is over the green line. You have to hit the gas pedal again just after the first tire touches down on the ground. To get the fastest start possible, you have to keep the gas in the green when the truck launches.

Each race costs at least one ticket to play in, and normally you have to wait for tickets to come back on their own or spend gold for them, but if you set the time ahead on your phone you can get them back right away. This trick can be done an unlimited number of times and is known as the time lapse cheat. Do this whenever you run out of tickets to keep racing forever.

Once you set the time back to normal you’ll keep your new energy; however, you’ll get stuck racing the same races over and over, which is good if you want to race the same boss or the same supersize battle to earn tons of cash. However, if you want to progress forward in the ladder race or move past the boss, fix it by closing the app (double tap the menu screen, swipe the app card up in iOS) and then load the game back up. Old stages will disappear, new stages will appear and you will still have your energy.

With upgrades, generally, you will want to go for the best bang for the buck, which is the overall score that appears over all of your truck’s individual statistics. Upgrading the engine and the chassis are the best for this, at least initially; however, when they get more expensive, then start buying the cheaper upgrades that you’ve neglected up until that point (tires, transmission, shocks etc).

Only purchase the upgrades that you need to win, so that you can save up cash to buy better trucks, especially as you hit the next class of trucks. Also, the time lapse cheat can be used to get a part delivered immediately, rather than having to wait for a part to be delivered.

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