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Trucksform – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Trucksform is a new time trial truck game for the iOS and Android platforms. While the game is very similar to Hill Climb Racing in a lot of ways, it’s got the twist that your truck transforms into a helicopter truck, a gun truck and a giant drill, in addition to the bonus of 3D graphics. You can collect coins and use them to purchase new upgrades to make your trucks even faster, more effective and more formidable. Read on for some tips and tricks for Trucksform!

At first it might be a bit tough to figure out when you should transform, and for what obstacles. To make it easy, watch out for the signs and the arrow indicators in the background. Green is for standard truck, red is for gun truck, yellow is for the drill truck and blue is for the helicopter truck. The sign indicates that an obstacle is coming up that requires you to change into one or the other.

Oftentimes the signs will want you to stay in the specialty trucks for longer than you really have to though. If it’s going to be awhile until your next obstacle (and you should know if you have repeated the stage a number of times, due to losing by running out of time), then switch to the standard truck while in between obstacles. The standard truck is WAY faster than all of the others so you should only stay in the special truck modes for as long as you need to, and not a bit longer.

If you want to get free coins/cash, then the best way to do so is to go to the IAP store, and watch a video. Watch one video for 30 coins and watch as many videos as you want until they run out. Then come back later and you will be able to watch them again and again, until they run out again. Also, sharing and liking the game on Facebook from the IAP store are good for a hundred coins apiece.

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Use the coins that you earn from all of this to purchase upgrades for your various trucks. The upgrades to your wheels for the standard truck will make it faster. Upgrade the gun to shoot through obstacles more quickly. Upgrade the drill to drill through walls more quickly. Upgrade the helicopter to make it move faster. Out of all these, the wheels are arguably the most important as they have the most bearing on overall speed.

There are a few ways to get a little bit of an edge and shave a few seconds off of the time. Tilt back and forth to change your landing angle. You want to land as flat to the surface as possible. When going up hill, lean your truck forward to counteract the action of the front wheels coming off of the pavement. When the front wheels pop up the truck will slow down and sometimes flip over, and you want to avoid that.