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Risky Road – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Risky Road is a new endless driving game for the iOS and Android platforms by quick-play game specialist Ketchapp. You drive a truck that’s carrying a giant egg in the back, and your goal is to drive as far as you can without cracking the egg in any way. You can collect coins to purchase new trucks, and to purchase new eggs as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Risky Road!

Keeping the egg safe in the bed of the truck is all about how you drive. Try to keep all of the wheels planted to the highest degree possible. Your acceleration pattern controls the angle that you jump at, and if you go too hard, you can spill the egg. Or the egg can bounce out of the bed if you land too hard.

Coins allow you to purchase more eggs and more trucks. If you want to earn coins quickly, go to the egg or truck store and hit the video icon to watch a trailer. Once the trailer is done, you’ll earn 20 coins. You can watch as many of them as you want until they run out, and then when they run out, they will return within a few minutes.

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All of the trucks and the eggs that you can buy have the exact same shape, they’re just different colors. This means that the gameplay does not change at all no matter what you buy or when you purchase it. If the developers add more options to the stores later on, though, then there is a chance that some of them will be different shapes, which could lead to slightly altered gameplay.

Hit the bar graph icon to check out the all time high scores for this game. Only a couple of them are hacked; the rest of them are not. The highest possible score in this game is 1,000 points, so anything that’s high, but not close to 1,000, is not a hacked score. Shaky Bird, of course, has it hacked all the way to 1,000.

Always be looking ahead when you’re driving along. Sometimes a trickier jump comes along, such as jumping over a lake, or jumping across a bridge that’s been knocked out, so you have to time your jump just right in order to make it all the way across and keep the run going.