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Transporter Euro Truck Car 18: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Transporter Euro Truck Car 18 is a new big rig/lorry driving game for the iOS and Android platforms. All you do in this game is drive a tractor trailer to the designated destination, park, and drop off the goods. The levels start off easy, but get a lot more difficult as time goes on. Read on for some tips and tricks for Transporter Euro Truck Car 18!

There are a ton of ads in this game, and many of the video ads that pop up can’t be skipped or stopped. Currently there is no option to go ad-free via an in-app purchase, so if you want to play without ads, then you have to set your phone or tablet into airplane mode. Go back to the game once you do that, and you can play for as long as you want, with absolutely no ads.

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To beat the stage, you have to drive to the part of the level where there is a semi-transparent box that flashes between red and green. Park all or part of your truck inside of it, and a circle with a P inside of it will begin to appear. Once it fills in all the way, then that means that you have cleared the level and can go onto the next one.

You can get up to three stars on a single level. The star rating is not a function of the time that you complete the level in, but instead, of how much of your freight you have left at the end of the level. As you get further into the game you get stacked with more and more freight, and you can end up losing some of it during a really tight turn, so you have to slow down and take easier turns to keep your freight.

Once you run into something, no matter how softly you hit it, your truck will go flying into the air and do all kinds of backflips and other weird stunts. This will keep your truck in an endless loop forever, and hitting the reload button on the driving screen will do nothing. Instead, hit the pause button and then hit the reload screen inside of the pause menu to start the level back over.

You can travel the entire level right from level 1 if you want to see it. Every stage happens on different segments of the same road, so if you want to see all of the level, start on stage 1, pass the parking point, and drive for as long as possible. You’ll see parts of the road that are used in later stages, which include extremely tight turns, so that you can practice them. For the tight hairpin turns, you have to turn wide so that your trailer doesn’t hit the guardrails.