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Battlebow: Shoot the Demons iPhone Game Guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Battlebow: Shoot The Demons is a shooter for the iPhone and the iPod Touch that’s part wave shooter, part RPG. An endless horde of demons is coming at you, and you have to shoot them all down with your crossbow, and kill them with your swords, axes and other melee weapons. Along the way you’ll discover experience points, gold, and all sorts of other neat treasures, such as weapons and armor and accessories. Keep reading for some tips and tricks for Battlebow: Shoot The Demons.

Up until your character hits experience level 10 or so, you will have two types of arrows that you can shoot with your crossbows, those being the bolt and the heavy bolt. Once you hit level 10, though, you will get the sticky bolt, which explodes a couple seconds after it hits an enemy. Once you unlock this, use it against very thick crowds of demons, shooting sticky arrows to and fro, because the explosions from the sticky bolts (which are essentially bomb arrows) will blow up surrounding demons, as well.

During the wave before a boss wave, let a huge chunk of the demons come down to you. Rather than shooting them, use your melee weapon to kill them all. Using the melee weapon will build up your rage, and when your rage hits full tilt, you will be surrounded by light and your attacks will do more than double the damage – somewhere around 2 1/2 times the damage. Do this during the wave before the boss fight so that it carries over, because with it, even the arrows are more powerful.

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In the shop, when you tap the buttons to post a tweet for free gold or to follow the game for free emeralds, you don’t actually have to follow through with either one. Simply tap the button, let the screen load, and then go back to the game. This works on both the tweet button and the follow on twitter button, but they only work once each.