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Max Ammo – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Max Ammo is a new third-person shooter game for the iOS and Android platforms. This app has you playing as Max Ammo, a hero who is always at max ammo (because your ammo is unlimited… duh!) whose goal is to kick the lizard people out of the cities of earth and end their reign of terror. Perfect Illuminati game… right? Anyways, Read on for some tips and tricks for Max Ammo!

The strategy is to run from barrier to barrier and tap to shoot enemies. Hide behind the barrier until the shot passes and then shoot. Keep in mind too that while you are running from barrier to barrier, you can shoot in the middle of your run. That makes it a lot easier to plow through a stage quickly.

This technique also works to do extra damage to boss enemies with missile launchers. Wait until they lock onto you, then when they fire, run from barrier to barrier hammering out as many shots as you can without overheating your weapon. Repeat until they’re dead. These bosses seem intimidating at first but they are easy money.

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Your weapon gains experience if you use it during a battle, but if you do not use it, it won’t. Make sure to switch weapons and kill enemies with all of them if you want to level them all up. If you need to level up weapons because you are stuck in a round, go back to any of the older levels and play them again and again for more experience.

Play them for more perks, too. Perks can strengthen your weapons and your armor just by equipping them. You ca nget common, rare, and legendary perks (and other rarities) so when you have a whole lot of perks, too many to fit in all of your spots, equip the rarest and strongest of all of the perks.

Be sure to check out the store as you progress through the game. You can go there to get weapons, armor, perks, and gems (the premium currency of the game). All of these except for the gems store stay locked until you complete a specific mission, with the mission being different for each different weapon, armor piece, etc.