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Dead Trigger 2 Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part three of the Dead Trigger 2 tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

Bosses can be notoriously difficult to kill, but there are some easy ways to kill them. One way to kill a boss fairly easily is to find a gas drum (the red barrel that blows up when you shoot it). Go find a boss character, and remember where the location of the gas drum is. Lure it towards the gas drum, then shoot the drum and blow it up and you’ll almost completely kill the zombie boss instantly.

Another way to do so is simply to rack up the goodies that you get from your engineer. Boom chickens are excellent because they will run right at zombies, but if all that you have is frag grenades, then start throwing them at the zombie boss. Aim them correctly so that they blow up right on the zombie boss. This will take away the zombie boss’s health almost as quickly as the oil drums will, and if you level up your grenades, then it will work even more quickly.

Want to buy some of the smuggler’s goods, but you want to spend as little gold as possible? Upgrade your smuggler first, and you’ll drop the price of everything that you buy from him. The more that you upgrade, the higher a price drop percentage you will end up with. It will, however, only really be enough to buy spend a little bit less gold – for example, the first upgrade is worth a 2% discount on all goods.

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Find the blueprints of different types of weapons, because different situations will call for different guns to be used. Shotguns are excellent against bosses since their damage rating is so high, and they can be excellent against large clusters of zombies, as well. Melee weapons are excellent for close quarters warfare and for when you want to earn extra money. Pistols are for targeting specific parts of zombies, such as heads, while machine guns are great for just mowing down huge zombie crowds.

Use the zombie farming trick that was detailed in part 1 of the guide to gain experience levels rapidly as well. Each zombie that you kill will earn you experience points, so go to a supply run stage and kill zombies endlessly (or until you get bored) and you can gain experience levels rapidly, leading to big boosts in health and money.