Dead Trigger 2: How to easily kill Kamikaze, Vomitron and Scienfist

Dead Trigger 2 pits you against massive hordes of zombies, and while most of them are fairly easy kills, the minibosses can be an absolute pain. There’s nothing worse than being right at the end of a stage and having Kamikaze kill you in one single hit, or Scienfist’s radiation rapidly deteriorating your health, or having Vomitron blind you before being killed by zombies that you can’t see. Killing them gives nice bonuses, though, such as large quantities of cash, or new blueprint parts. Read on to find out how to kill all three of the minibosses with ease!

The first and most important strategy is to avoid what they are throwing at you. The easiest one is Kamikaze, because he has no long-range attacks. Forget about the melee weapon; stand back, shoot, and back up or move sideways as you shoot him. Make sure to stand back when he’s about to die, though, because when he dies, his explosion will do serious damage to you. Luckily, though, it will kill every nearby zombie, so wait until he has a crowd around him if you can.

Vomitron shoots bright red blobs of vomit at you, and if they hit you, you’re essentially blinded for about 10 seconds. He always uses the same timed intervals, though. Figure out what those intervals are and time them. When he begins to rear back to spit vomit, immediately move to the side to avoid it. Shoot him afterwards until he’s about to begin vomiting again. Repeat this until he dies.

Scienfist is possibly the worst of the bosses. He’s emitting massive amounts of radiation, so if you get too close, you’ll begin to lose energy. You’ll know that he’s too close when the screen begins to warble. Stand back as much as possible and shoot until you kill him. If he starts to trap you into a corner, make a quick run to the other side of him. You’ll take some radiation damage but not as much as if he closes in on you.

Save your boom chickens, flash grenades, mines and other explosive devices for the bosses, because they do far more damage than the guns do. Throw as many of them as you need to in order to win quickly. Plus, you’re going to need painkillers if you are at low health. If you really want to make sure that you win easily, use the painkillers before he even has a chance to damage you, to shoot your health to extremely high levels.

Look for something explosive that you can shoot, such as a red gas barrel. Draw the miniboss near the gas barrel, then shoot the barrel and it will blow up. This will take away between about 60 and 90 percent of the boss’s health depending on the difficulty level, making any of the three boss fights FAR easier than they would be otherwise.