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Dead Trigger 2: How to win without spending any money

Even five years ago it was inconceivable that something with console-quality graphics would be completely free to play, but games such as Dead Trigger 2 make that the new reality in gaming, at least as far as iOS and Android games go. This is a free download, but there are plenty of in app purchases that can help you to get a little farther, but in the long run, they really are unnecessary. Read on for some tips on how to win without spending any money!

The in app purchases are mainly used to purchase gold coins, which are the premium currency of the game; however, there are plenty of ways to get free gold in this game. Not only do you have the main Tapjoy offer wall that you can access from the in app purchase store, but you can access a second offer wall too. Just hit the Register for Tapjoy offer, and when you register, you’ll be taken to their website in Safari, where a second offer wall will be waiting. This one will have even more free offers than the first one.

Beyond that, though, gold can mostly be spent on speeding up purchases from your headquarters, such as upgrades to the workstations (tech guy, gunsmith, medic, engineer and smuggler) and to the guns themselves. Don’t waste your money on speeding them up, because simply waiting out the upgrades (or buying the upgrade before you go to bed at night) will have the same effect. Play the easier stages if you have to, if you are having trouble beating harder stages without the upgrades. Then, when the upgrades get in you will already have a big stash of cash built up.

Blueprints can be completed by spending gold, but blueprint pieces are common enough that it’s rather unnecessary to do this. Kill off the minibosses to find blueprints. Defend stages and assault stages are excellent for racking up blueprints, because the minibosses appear very quickly, and the stages are usually over in a few minutes.

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You can trade 1 gold coin for 300 money, but that’s a good waste of gold coins right there, especially because it’s so easy to earn money by farming on certain stages. Any stage that doesn’t have a time limit or a zombie killing quota can be farmed endlessly just by going to one of the zombie generators and killing them as they come.

Beyond that, currently there’s not really much else that can be helped out by spending your hard-earned dollars/quid/renminbi/whatever your currency of choice is. Time is more important than money in this game (well, more important than real life money, that is – in game money is important, but that’s earned more than bought).