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Battle Break – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Battle Break is a competitive brick-breaking game for the iOS and Android platforms. You and your rival will compete to see who can survive the longest – whoever can last the longest without the bottom row of the blocks hitting their side will win the round, and win the money. You can win coins, upgrade your balls, and compete in more and more lucrative competitions. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battle Break!

The entire game is player vs player, but it is possible to do a single-player mode against a bot. To do this, put your phone in airplane mode or go somewhere where there is no data connection and try to load the game. It will hang for a bit, then it will ask you if you want to play against a bot. Hit yes, and the game will go into single-player mode for one game. Repeat as desired.

If you want to earn more coins quickly, or you run out of coins due to losing too many bets, go to the main arena menu and watch videos for free coins. You can watch as many as you want, so that you can get into arenas of higher tiers without spending too much time playing the lower-level arenas.

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Collect as many of the extra-ball icons as you can. Rack them up early in the round so that you can get an advantage early. Later on in the round, this will help a lot as you can knock out a large amount of balls at a time per hit.

You can do more than just take hit points away from your own blocks. If you shoot the ball up into enemy territory, then any block that you hit on their side will have hit points added to it, as long as it doesn’t have a white border. The ones with the white borders will be barricaded, and the points won’t change when the ball hits them.

There will be a little bit of a skill difference between players who play high-stakes and those who play low-stakes. This is because you have to level up in order to unlock the higher-stakes arenas, and so do they. You’ll earn more coins if you win, so as you win, be sure to upgrade your ball in order to have it last longer and to start with more balls.