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BitLife Professional Athlete Guide – Hot To Play Pro Sports and Raise Your Greatness

Bitlife has recently released an update to the game that will allow you to become a professional athlete or to play sports for a living. Not only are there many sports that you can play, but you can achieve varying levels of greatness, from just being a new name to be in the Hall of Fame and achieving greatness.

Read on for a full guide to the pro athlete portion of the game in BitLife!

To start off, if you want to become a professional athlete, you’re going to start needing to increase your athleticism from a young age. If you have god mode, that this is easy to do; all that you have to do is change it when you’re born. Without god mode, this one is a little bit tougher.

Being born lucky is one factor, but not the only factor. Another key to having athleticism is starting off with physical activities early on in the game, such as walking or martial arts. As soon as you are old enough to go to the gym, add that to your annual routine.

Keep that up until you are old enough to play sports; when you are, join the sports team, but keep all of those other daily routines, as well. This will ensure that your athleticism not only stays high but gets higher, making it more likely that you will be excepted to a college sports team, or drafted by a professional sports team.

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Once you join a professional sports team, you have to treat it just like any other job, but with even more extra work that you have to put in. Keep working out, doing physical activity such as walking and martial arts, and put in as much work as possible into your skills to increase your performance.

Each of the above actions should be done once per year. Going to the gym or any of the other self-improvement activities will only be recognized once per year, so going to the gym twice in one year is pointless.

Additionally, when you become a professional athlete, the fame bar is adding to your traits, just like if you become an actress or singer. This adds all kinds of other perks, such as the ability to rack up loads of followers on social media quickly.

If you keep playing your sport at an elite level for long enough, the Greatness stat will open up, ranking how you are doing at becoming one of the greats ever to play the game. This will increase as long as you keep grinding and doing everything advised above, as far as training goes.


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