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The King of Fighters ALLSTAR: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, also stylized as The King of Fighters: All Star, is a new beat-em-up RPG by Netmarble in cooperation with SNK for the iOS and Android platforms. You can build a huge collection of fighters from King of Fighters ’94 through ’99, as well as some brand new fighters, and brand new outfits for old fighters as well, in order to take on Debugger Ein and her Tuners.

You can make the battle as manual as you want if you want the old-school Final Fight experience, or automatic, and along the way, you can earn coins, rubies, new fighters, and more goodies. You can go through the story mode, match cards to battle against rivals in PvP mode, engage in all sorts of events, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR!

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Right from the beginning, you can stick the game in auto mode after the tutorial ends. This should serve well during easy battles, but as the battles get tougher and tougher, you’re going to want to switch back to manual mode. Auto mode AI has no concept of hit-and-run strategy, but if you play in manual mode, you can use hit-and-run tactics to avoid big damage, while dealing out big damage yourself.

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This game tends to be a generous source of free rubies, and rubies are used for summoning fighters, primarily, among other goodies. But summon enough fighters that you can build a team by style, especially by using the Summon X 10 once you have 900 free rubies to spend.

Once you clear out an entire chapter, you will be able to either auto-clear or auto-battle against any episode of that chapter. Auto-clear lets you finish multiple rounds right away but requires tickets. Auto-battle is basically auto-clear with extra steps. The battles take place automatically, but you have to let them play out on your phone.

While the auto-battles are playing out, simply stick your phone on the charger and go do something else until the game is done. Or, you can set auto-battles to happen on a different device if your account is linked on multiple devices.

You’ll unlock all sorts of modes as you make your way through the game, such as event battles, evolving your fighters, and more. Play through the story battles quickly to unlock everything, then go back and start playing new modes as often as possible or as is practical, especially the special events.

Increasing your Rank will also unlock new game modes such as Friendly Match, Leagues, Arena, Time Attack, Tournaments, and more. All that you have to do is keep fighting in order to increase your player rank. This is one thing that the auto-battles are excellent for. You’ll only get Rank XP when you clear an episode for the first time, though.

There are a ton of fighter summons in this game, but one unique one is the Fighter Reset Summon. This lets you keep resetting your summon over and over again until you get the set that you want. Effectively, it’s the same as rerolling, which everyone does anyways, so there’s no need to reroll in this game with the Fighter Reset Summon.

If you want to play the game on desktop with your current account, make sure your account is linked via Facebook. Then download The King Of Fighters ALLSTAR for Bluestacks and link it up to the same account to continue where you left off. Plus, Bluestacks has a number of other built in guides and tools to help with the game.


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