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Guide to Fantasy Conflict for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Fantasy Conflict is a Risk or Stratego style strategy game for the iPhone and other iOS systems. Each stage has you start off on a map with a number of castles, many of which are neutral, some of which are yours and some of which belong to the enemy. Your goal is to take all of the enemy castles out. Read on for some tips and tricks to help you do it much more quickly, without losing any bases!

To start off with, take the castles nearest to you while you are waiting for your spells to charge up. Take them in one shot so that you earn bonus troops for taking them. If your number of troops is in red, that means that you have more than the maximum for that castle, so either upgrade it or move your troops to other castles.

Once you have about 3 or 4 castles, send all of the troops to one castle, which is next to an enemy castle. Cast a spell on the enemy castle, then send all of your troops into it. When you take an enemy castle, typically you will lose only one or two troops, so immediately take the castle next to it, then the next one, then the next one until you take all of the enemy castles.

If you have neutral castles with a large number of neutral troops in between you and the enemy, though, sometimes it’s to your benefit to let the enemy send their troops to the neutral castles to drain their numbers before you move in for the kill. Use this time to build up your own troops and defenses and to let your spells charge. Once their numbers are drained enough, then attack.

If you have an aerial castle, though, which can send balloons over, then simply try to cast spells as quickly as possible to drain the enemy castle, send all of your balloons over there and take it all in one shot to win the stage quickly and easily.