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Guide to Empire: World War for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Empire: World War is a city building game and RPG for the iPhone and other iOS systems. Your goal in this game is to build up your base to produce an income, a good number of resources, and to grow larger and larger, all while training more and tougher troops so that you can fight in battles against rivals and advance all the way through the world wars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Empire: World War!

Once you first get your city going, you will notice that space is at a major premium. This is mostly due to all of the roads and the palm trees in your city, but the roads are completely unnecessary, because you don’t need to have your buildings next to roads in order for them to operate. Go to the menu and sell all of your roads in order to create a LOT more space.

Getting rid of palm trees not only clears up much needed space, but it also provides you with much needed wood and experience points, and is a great way to progress through eras much more quickly. Get rid of as many palm trees as possible as soon as possible.

Once you do this, use the movement tool to move all of your buildings close together, in order to make a whole lot more room for you to build new buildings. Then maximize your coins by building tons of wooden shacks and farm plots, all of which can earn you coins very quickly, giving you the money that you need to train more troops and buy even more buildings.

Once you hit a new era in the game, you can upgrade your barracks, your shipyard and your air force hangar to reflect that new era. Every single military building of the same type will be upgraded at the same time (E.G. if you upgrade one barracks, the other barracks will be upgraded too), and all the troops that have been trained through those buildings will be upgraded. Make sure you are upgraded as high as possible before you start attacking your neighbors.

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