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Zombies Ate My Friends Tips and Tricks Guide – Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Zombies Ate My Friends is a new, 2D cartoonish zombie adventure from Glu Games, which is set in the town of Festerville. Your goal is to go from level to level, completing various missions, helping Violet and helping to rescue any of the surviving humans from the massive swarm of zombies that has taken over. You can get different weapons, items and armor in order to do this, as well as talk to people and collect various forms of supplies.

Fighting zombie, earning quest prizes, and scavenging is a great way to get more cash and experience points, but tapping them all manually gets to be a pain in the rear end. Luckily, if you don’t tap them, but instead simply move onto the next area (or another house or room), you will automatically collect all of the experience, money, skulls and health points. Just move on when you are done.

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Items, such as quest items, do not do the same thing, though. Instead, if you don’t collect them, you can leave them behind, and they will still be there whenever you go back to the area, no matter how long it has been since you played the game.

You can get the highest ranks on a level by following the entire checklist for the level. To review the checklist, tap on the goals (the blue binder in the lower right corner) and tab over to the star icon, which is the episode progression checklist. Review it to see your progression, and you can earn an A+ in the level every time.

Since you have so many weapons, if you need to know which two to use, tap the weapon icon, then the question mark that pops up, and it will show both how much attack power the weapon has and how many hits it has left until it breaks. If a weapon is weak enough that you don’t plan to use it anymore, then just drop it, because they normally are not worth that much cash when sold to a merchant.

However, when you have ranged weapons, such as the shotgun, keep them around. Equip them when you are fighting a zombie who is across the screen from you, and you can land a number of free hits without being attacked. Then, when the zombie is within range to attack you, switch back to your close-range weapons.