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Guide to Epic Raiders for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Cheats

Epic Raiders is a battle RPG by Gamevil, Inc, for the iPhone and for the iPod Touch. In this game you play as the Saint, a healer who has numerous cohorts such as a knight and a barbarian, as well as a mass multitude of other party members who all have to defend her and destroy the monsters that are trying to attack the party. You get to advance through stages and unlock new ones, all as you work toward completing your quest to the end. Read on for some tips and tricks for Epic Raiders!

The very first thing that you do in this game should be to get more party members than just the Saint and the Knight. Tap on the Party button to do this. You will notice that most of them are expensive to buy, but click through all of them and you will find cheap ones. The Barbarian only costs 300 coins to buy, and the Hunter only costs 300 coins to buy, so these two are the first ones you should get.

If you are having issues beating a tough stage, go back to an earlier stage that you have already beaten, such as level 2. Play these stages over and over to grind for both levels and coins, so that you can not only increase your statistics, but also buy much better armor and weapons before you try the tougher levels again.

When in doubt as to what to upgrade, upgrade all forms of armor that you can first before you move on to upgrading the weapons. With good armor, it can take a VERY long time to kill one of your characters, whereas even with a strong weapon, you’re going down if your armor is weak.

When you get attacked by archers, attack them before you attack any other enemy, because they like to stand back and shoot the saint. With sword and axe fighters, you can still run away and lure them into the path of your other characters, but archers and other long range enemies can shoot from wherever they want to.