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Fallout Shelter: How to defend against Raiders, Radroaches and fires, Page 2

Send in the pregnant women to fight against the Radroaches or the Raiders. Pregnant women cannot be killed in this game, so if you send them in, they will not die. Have them follow the roaches and raiders around from room to room if you’re not using an extremely powerful weapon.

Send them in to fight the fires as well. Weapons won’t matter here, of course, so just send them in regardless of what weapon they have and they will start throwing buckets on it without dying. If your other dwellers are at low health, then evacuate them. Then when the fire is done, put the other dwellers back in.

Be careful that you never send all of your dwellers to the wasteland at once. One way to kill a vault quickly is to send everybody to the wasteland, only to have a fire or a Radroach infestation decimate the whole place and kill everybody who is left over. If you do have only one or two left, then make sure that they go NOWHERE near where the disasters are.

Make sure that everybody is equipped with a gun, even if you have one hugely powerful one that you’re passing around as was advised in page 1 of this guide. If you don’t, though, then this is ESPECIALLY important. Load up on weapons by going out to the wastelands. Then get rid of all of the crappy weapons with 0-1 attack, such as the BB guns, and keep the rest of them around.

If you have that insanely powerful rare weapon, and you don’t want to go following the raiders around to kill them, then station exactly one of your dwellers at the vault door with the gigantic heavy weapon equipped. If you don’t have the majorly powerful weapon, then give two or three dwellers weapons with 6-7 power and put them at the door.

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Even if they don’t seem like they will make a difference, give an outfit to your defending dwellers. They will take less damage, as the combined SPECIAL stats of your dwellers will determine how much damage they take when they are battling disasters.

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