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Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders is a new RPG for the iOS platform. This game combines 8-bit retro graphics, RPG gameplay, and horizontal citybuilding gameplay reminiscent of such games as Tiny Tower into one game that works together very well. Your goal is to build up a combination of different fighters and use them to quest through a number of dungeons, eventually restoring Faraway Kingdom to its former glory and slaying the Red Dragon. Read on for some tips and tricks for Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders!

A warrior must always be selected as the leader of the party, but at the same time you will have to divvy up your party points based on what you have in your stash of heroes, and if that means that your warrior is your weakest then so be it. Do all that you can to get a rare party member in there; however, if that is providing you with a much weaker party then change it up and even out your party. When in doubt hit “auto-party” to pick the most optimal one.

The five number ratings are for fire, frost, nature, darkness and stars, which means that is your particular hero’s effectiveness against that element. Pick heroes who are as strong as possible against all five of them, so that you don’t have any weak points. If you do have a weak point, use the “sixth man” where you pick a friend’s hero to pick one who is strong against that weak spot.

You need to tap all of the coins and all of the special move tokens to collect them – if they disappear before you tap them, then they go away permanently, so be quick with your tapping. When you kill an enemy a ton of coins pop out. Use more than one finger when you collect them so that you don’t miss a single one.

Heroes are all organized by different rarities. You can get rare heroes with summons (all of them except the regular Summon Hero are likely to give you three, four, five or six star epic heroes). You’ll find them in the Inn, ready to be purchased with coins (as well as many common heroes), and as you build houses, they will move into your houses on their own. Just tap the question mark when they appear toward the left end of the village and they will either go to a house or the inn.

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Rarer heroes are more likely to have skills that can then be set as your party skill. For tough battles take healing potions in and you can then use them to prevent themselves getting killed by the boss.