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Pocket Minions for iOS: How to get free Dragon Crystals and more gold quickly

In Pocket Minions for the iPhone and iPad, your goal is to build a series of towers all throughout the land, turning each outpost into another segment of your kingdom. There are two types of currency in this game. The first type is gold, which are your primary form of currency, and what you use to buy everything you need to get through quests. The other type, though, is Dragon Crystals, and as the premium currency, they can allow you to speed up the game massively, as well as to buy materials that you need. Read on for a guide on how to get more of both!

There are a few ways to get free dragon crystals in the game. One of them is to complete a quest that offers you Dragon Crystals as a reward for completing it. Examples of this are the quests and achievements where you build a tower up to 10 stories tall, as each time that you do this, you will earn 10 Dragon Crystals as a reward. Dragon-killing quests will also earn you a nice batch of them.

In addition, wait for a popup asking you to rate the game. Go to the app store and rate it, and you will be rewarded with 5 free Dragon Crystals. Last, but not least, tap on the plus sign next to the Dragon Crystal counter, and on the next menu, there will be an option saying “Get crystals for free!” Tap it, and a number of free offers will pop up that, if you complete them, will earn you Dragon Crystals for each one that you do.

To load up on coins, build a whole bunch of markets, vassal rooms, noble rooms and royal rooms in your towers. Merchants, vassals, nobles and royals will earn you 100g, 300g, 800g and 2000g, in that order. These of course take awhile to be produce the gold (the more gold the particular minion produces, the longer they take to produce), but the gold that they produce makes it worth it.

You can collect the gold instantaneously though. Skip ahead by setting your device’s time forward, then going back to the game and collecting from them. Do this as many times as you want.