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Wheel of Fortune Play For Cash: Promo Code List and Guide

Wheel of Fortune Play For Cash is a competitive esports game for the iOS and the Android platforms where you play. Your goal is to get a higher score than the other players by beating them in classic Wheel of Fortune gameplay, both in free games and in cash games, and if you are doing a cash game, this allows you to win money in real life.

To win money in real life, you have to deposit money, but you can make the most out of the money that you deposit by using a free promo code. Promo codes will add a bonus to whatever you deposit, and there are plenty of them around.

Read on for a list of promo codes, how to use them, and how to find more of them in Wheel of Fortune Play For Cash!

To start off, when you first install the game and play it, you’re going to have to pass a tutorial. After the tutorial is finished, you can go to the shop menu, and a promo code will already be applied, giving you bonus money when you make a deposit.

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The promo code runs out if you don’t make a deposit within the first two days of playing, but if it runs out and you have not bound your account, you can simply delete the game, then reinstall it.

Otherwise, if the promo code runs out and you want to enter a different promo code, go to the shopping menu and enter the promo code below the dollar amounts. When you enter it, you will either earn your rewards right away or as soon as you make another deposit, depending on the nature of the code.

There are plenty of places to find promo codes, such as on the official Facebook page for the game. Go to the Facebook page, look through all of the posts and pictures that have come before, and subscribe to the page so that you can see future codes.

Check out other social media sites and apps as well, so that you have the best chance possible of finding unique codes. Sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and more, are great places to find official pages for the game, as well as finding codes.

Be aware of unofficial sites, though, especially if they want you to take a survey or download something, because these websites are fake; make sure that any link that you follow is directly from the manufacturer.

Some of the popular coupon sites on the internet also have codes for this game, although not only can these sites be a little bit sketchy sometimes, but more often than not, the links that you have to click simply don’t work right. You can definitely find promo codes on these sites, but be extremely careful.

As of right now, the following promo codes have been released for Wheel of Fortune Play For Cash:





Be sure to keep checking back for more promo codes, because as we find more of them, we will add them to this article!