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Allstar Renovation: Redeem Code List and Guide

Allstar Renovation is the new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms with loads of characters from various animes and mangas, and a name that makes it sound like a home renovation game. You can play as all sorts of characters from some of the biggest animes in the world, build teams, complete single player requests, and battle in the arena.

Redeem codes are codes that have been given out by the developers to help out new players with a boost, as well as to help out veterans and keep them engaged. Redeem codes can be exchanged for free gifts and prizes.

Read on for a list of Redeem Codes, how to use them, and how to get more of them in Allstar Renovation!

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First, you need to know where to go to enter the redeem codes if you want to get rewarded. First thing to do is to tap on your avatar to open the pop-up window. Then go to the settings menu. Hit the button that says “Settings” inside of your avatar menu and you’re there

Next, there is a category where it simply says Redeem, and includes a text box. Type in the code into the Redeem area, then submit it, and see what you get for a reward.

So how do you get the redeem codes, then? Know where to look, and there are a ton of good places to look. First off is the official Allstar Renovation Facebook page.

Not only can you search through the posts feed, but if they have a good active code, they’ll usually pin it to the top of their page, too, making it very easy to find.

Other sources are also excellent. Look around for Discords and Subreddits related to Allstar Renovation. These are going to be the top sources for player-provided codes because these are the most popular places for players to talk about the game.

On Reddit, you can do a subreddit-specific search for the code. Just type Redeem code (or something similar such as promo codes or redemption codes) into the search box, narrow it down to the specific subreddit, then search.

You can do the same thing in Discord. First, join a channel that is specifically related to Allstar Renovation. Enter “code” or “codes” or something similar, then do the search and look through all of the chat messages that talk about the in-game codes.

Streamers tend to be a great source of redeem codes too. Oftentimes they partner up with the devs themselves, so check YouTube, Facebook Video, Twitch, and more to look for useful streams about the game.

Here is a list of working redemption codes for Allstar Renovation:


This is all of the codes that we have available for now, but be sure to keep checking back, because as we find more codes, we will edit this article and add them. If you have a code that you don’t see posted in here, then be sure to leave a comment below and post the code.

If you don’t have a new code and are simply looking for two codes, be sure to check the comment section; our readers are sure to post any codes that they might have.


Wednesday 8th of June 2022