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Hooper Hooper: How to Get Free Robux, Other Goodies and Currencies

Hooper Hooper is a new basketball shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms. What are unique about this one is that there are all kinds of rewards that you can earn, most famously Robux, which are the premium currency of the game Roblox. You can also earn premium currencies for free in other games, such as Mobile Legends and Brawl Stars. You can also earn various types of cosmetic enhancements for these games, and redeem them.

Read on for tips on how to earn more Robux and other goodies for free in Hooper Hooper!

To start things off, there are two different types of currencies that you can earn in this game. Gold coins and tokens are the two currencies; tokens are worth the most, and consequently, are the harder of the two currencies to earn.

Everything starts off with simply shooting baskets, which is much easier than you would think it to be in a game like this. All that you have to do is tap the basketball. The aim is decided automatically, no matter where on the board the hoop is, so just tap and use up all of your balls as fast as you can.

Once you run out of balls, tap again, and he will be able to either watch an advertisement video to get a refill, or spend a few thousand tokens. Since add videos don’t cost anything but only take 30 seconds, these are the preferred way to get your free goodies and refills.

After a good long session of shooting balls into the basket, especially if you do it quickly, you’re going to have lots of fever bonuses and slots spins giving you tokens and coins well after the last ball has been shot. Whenever you get the opportunity to double your reward by watching an advertisement video, watch the video and take the reward in order to speed things along.

There are three different boosts that you can collect with video bonuses. Enlarging the who increases your accuracy a little bit, but since the accuracy is completely random, it won’t have a huge affect. Lighting up one of the slot machine flames is useful if you only have one left to go, and it’s the middle one that’s usually blocked by obstacles.

The final bonus is taking away the obstacles, which is the most useful if you have a full set of balls so that you can greatly increase the amount of slots bins that you earn, because the obstacles won’t be blocking the way of any of the flames.

To convert your coins or tokens into Robux, simply tap either of the coins or tokens area and you will have the option of cashing out one or the other, depending on which one you have enough of. You will be able to cash out and earn currency on one of the three games that you chose, as long as you have the right player ID.

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To earn characters, skins, and others, tap the “Redeem“ button in the top left corner of the screen. You will need to have enough puzzle pieces, which can be earned from various rewards within the game.


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