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Backpacker™ (iOS/Android game) – Top Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Backpacker is a world trivia adventure game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to answer trivia questions about the place that you’re visiting, earn cash, and buy all kinds of souvenirs. You can even work jobs for more money, and unlock all new areas of the city. Read on for some tips and tricks for Backpacker for the iOS and Android platforms!

When you pick a city to go to, the first thing you generally want to do is earn a little bit of money. To do that, go to the board of tourism, then seek out a job in the newspaper. Some of them will consist of mini games (such as filling milkshakes) while others will consist of actual trivia about a topic. For the trivia ones, the more you get right, the more cash you will earn.

When you’re in a particular city, you can click around to see what landmarks are around. Once you see which ones are around, google them to find out more information about them. Read through a number of times in order to get the facts that you need, so that you can ace the trivia questions and make the most money.

When you take a job, be prepared to finish the job out all the way through. If you minimize the game, the time still runs down, and if you close out the game altogether, you’ll get booted out of the job and it will be marked unavailable from the newspaper. Plus, that energy that you used will be wasted.

With all of those coins, you can go to the tourist center and buy some souvenirs. If you don’t have enough coins to get more energy, go to the city and answer some cash questions. Keep doing that until you have money for an energy drink, then buy one to get your energy back. Or buy other souvenirs, such as VIP cards, to drop the cost of items or boost your max energy.

If you still don’t have enough coins after running out all of your energy on cash questions, then you’re going to have to sleep. You can sleep on the street for free but take a chance at being robbed, or you can stay at the hotel. If you stay at the hotel, stay in the five-star room to recover all of your energy, as the cost is generally less per energy restored than either of the other two rooms are.

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