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Quiz Fire: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Quiz Fire is a new trivia game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game asks you a series of trivia questions, most of them which are very easy to answer correctly, and for each one that you answer, you earn free coins. Additionally, after every 20 questions that you answer, you will be able to open the treasure chest.

So many people who have seen the advertisements for this game, have also seen the claims that you can win real life money for playing it. According to the advertisements, the money builds up very quickly, and then you will be able to cash out and collect your winnings.

With that, of course, comes the question as to whether this game is a scam or whether Quiz Fire is legitimate and will actually pay you. This is the issue that we will get into right now.

To start, we will go through the gameplay mechanics. You are asked one question at a time, and each question has two possible answers. One of these answers is correct, of course, and the other answer is wrong. If your goal, of course, is to choose the right answer.

If you answer the question correctly, you will earn a small amount of coins. If you answer the question incorrectly, then you will not. After every 20 correct questions, you will be able to open the treasure chest for even more coins.

The best way to find out if this game is the real deal is to go to the reviews in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Search through the reviews in order to see what other players have already said about the game, and whether or not they have been able to cash out.

There are two different boosts that you can purchase using your coins. The lightbulb icon will give you a hint as to what the correct answer is. The fast forward icon will allow you to skip past a question altogether.

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If you go to the review section of the App Store download page for this game, you will find that many players have reached the cashing out point, sometimes very quickly, and many five star reviews are written by players who have done so and have hit the cash out button. Scroll a little deeper, though, and things tend to get problematic.

The reason for this is contained within the one star reviews. Many players hit the point of cashing out and then attempt to do so, only for massive delays that never end to prevent them from getting the money. Even worse, many players have attempted to contact the developer via email, only to find out that the email address is no longer in service.

Additionally, in a recent update, the ability to cash out or even see any potential earnings has been completely removed. As of right now, the game simply looks like a normal slots game, with virtual coins that you can earn, but no actual money or anything to put toward gift cards.

As of right now, we have been able to find no evidence of any player that has actually been able to cash out. As such, it is looking like Golden Slots Master is not the real deal and is not going to pay. It is simply just another slots game, only with free spins and false promises.

Scott lokey

Monday 13th of March 2023

Quiz fire is nothing but a damn scam!!.. save yur time and play real games.. I thought for sure I had finally came across a game that was truly gonna pay.. I put a lot of time into this site only to be disappointed like the rest.. very sad


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

Hello, I’ve been playing this game for just about 3 months. I was at 5400, then I went to 2800. All of a sudden I can’t login on nor can I find it in my App Store. It’s crazy that this is the second game I’ve played and unless it just freeze up or I can’t login in.. Tried to email them and there’s no response or the email is unavailable…


Thursday 23rd of March 2023

@Sarah, update, I am on countdown to 1675 now.. it’s so annoying how slow it is. At first it was faster now it doesn’t even touch 100 spots a day. I’ve been waiting for a couple months now. Taking way too long! Still hoping I get a deposit once I reach 0.


Thursday 9th of March 2023

@Tiff, I’m hoping it will pop up too lol. I am surprised it has t kicked you off. @jacqueline that’s exactly what happened to me. I’m going to see if I can find it again.


Thursday 2nd of March 2023

@Jacqueline, interesting. Now I’m surprised that it hasn’t kicked me out of the app. I too do not see it on the App Store anymore. Mine still works as of now… I’m down to 1993 so it’s still going down. Just patiently waiting to see what happens after the countdown. It would be great if we all forget about it and money pops up in our account. That would be great


Friday 10th of February 2023

Yea I am curious to that too because I reached the day when it was going to be transferred but now I’m in “line” waiting to get paid out. At first I was 5800 in line and now I am currently 2350 so if that countdown is going down, are people actually getting paid or not when it’s that turn is the question. Giving the benefit of the doubt.


Friday 24th of February 2023

@Tiffany, I continue to keep coming back to this website and refresh if someone comes forward with something just to see if we are not the only stuck…


Friday 24th of February 2023

@Sarah, are you serious?! My app still opens and functions. I still get a notification every hour from it to play lol but no I did not enter that contest for it.. now I wish I would have just to see if I would have gotten something or not. I know when I added an address at first, it doesn’t ask specifically for the city or zip or anything so maybe you didn’t enter everything? I’m sorry I keep trying to make excuses for it when I probably shouldn’t lol….I am now 2100 in line. It’s definitely slowed down the line for me since I last posted. I am still curious what the countdown is to… that’s why I still give it hope but we will see….


Friday 24th of February 2023

@Tiff, I’ve slowed my playing too, and now the app loads and refuses to open completely. I tried opening a few times and today, it just shuts down. Also did you “win” the iPods? Nothing came in the mail for me, and I feel like this is truly a scam. I want to believe it will come through, but deep down I might as well get rid of the app. Too good to be true. I hope they come through for you!


Monday 13th of February 2023

@Sarah, thank you for replying! I’m glad to know I am not the only one that noticed that as well. I did notice it slowed down once it reached the 3000 mark. I was checking the reviews daily on the app but now I don’t see it on the App Store anymore and I was curious to know why because it doesn’t pop up for me anymore in my search. I played 2 sets and I have money to be sent to my cash app and PayPal so no excuses if I don’t receive one or the other. I will keep updating. I am now down to low 2000. Taking a lot longer but it’s going I guess so I’ll keep you guys in the loop. I purposely stopped playing it till I see the money. I invested time on it so I better see that money!


Sunday 12th of February 2023

@Tiff, I’m 3261 in line, it was going fast, but now it’s slowed a lot.I calculated within 24 hrs, it goes down 600 and something in position. Hopefully one of us can update once they get to 1 or 0 and if the cash out is legit. Also if you are in the states and try to find the app on iPhone app, it says you are not in the right region. So that makes it a bit suspicious. Good luck!


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

Wonder what their story is pertaining to MY cashout?


Friday 10th of February 2023

@Cheryl, Can you comment or reply when you get feedback or if anything happens please! Maybe you were in line before me


Thursday 9th of February 2023

@Cheryl, how long have you waited?