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Quiz Storm : Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Quiz Storm is a new trivia game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game asks you a series of trivia questions, most of them which are very easy to answer correctly, and for each one that you answer, you earn free coins. Additionally, after every 20 questions that you answer, you will be able to open the treasure chest.

So many people who have seen the advertisements for this game, have also seen the claims that you can win real life money for playing it. According to the advertisements, the money builds up very quickly, and then you will be able to cash out and collect your winnings.

With that, of course, comes the question as to whether this game is a scam or whether Quiz Storm is legitimate and will actually pay you. This is the issue that we will get into right now.

To start, we will go through the gameplay mechanics. You are asked one question at a time, and each question has two possible answers. One of these answers is correct, of course, and the other answer is wrong. If your goal, of course, is to choose the right answer.

If you answer the question correctly, you will earn a small amount of coins. If you answer the question incorrectly, then you will not. After every 20 correct questions, you will be able to open the treasure chest for even more coins.

The best way to find out if this game is the real deal is to go to the reviews in the App Store or the Google Play Store. Search through the reviews in order to see what other players have already said about the game, and whether or not they have been able to cash out.

There are two different boosts that you can purchase using your coins. The lightbulb icon will give you a hint as to what the correct answer is. The fast forward icon will allow you to skip past a question altogether.

If you go to the review section of the App Store download page for this game, you will find that many players have reached the cashing out point, sometimes very quickly, and many five star reviews are written by players who have done so and have hit the cash out button. Scroll a little deeper, though, and things tend to get problematic.

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The reason for this is contained within the one star reviews. Many players hit the point of cashing out and then attempt to do so, only for massive delays that never end to prevent them from getting the money. Even worse, many players have attempted to contact the developer via email, only to find out that the email address is no longer in service.

Additionally, in a recent update, the ability to cash out or even see any potential earnings has been completely removed. As of right now, the game simply looks like a normal slots game, with virtual coins that you can earn, but no actual money or anything to put toward gift cards.

In and even more recent update to the game, the ability to cash out has been added back in. According to this, if you cash out, you have to have a minimum of $300 earned, plus answer 100 questions correctly. Additionally, according to the reviews, even if you hit both of those thresholds, there will be a multitude of other hoops for you to jump through, such as watching 100 advertisements.

Even for the people in the reviews who have completed that requirement, And have hit the button in order to cash out, they still claim that they have not been able to collect their winnings.

As of right now, we have been able to find no evidence of any player that has actually been able to cash out. As such, it is looking like Quiz Storm is not the real deal and is not going to pay. It is simply just another slots game, only with free spins and false promises.

Rick white

Saturday 1st of April 2023

Yes absolutely spot on Won over £5,000 and all it says is that I’m queued up over 6,000 in line waiting what a fake game and no point playing it as you won’t win anything don’t bother downloading it as it’s totally pointless even playing what a load of false promises about winning for nothing !!!!

Nolese Wilson

Thursday 30th of March 2023

why say real money and dont do what they say they should be reported as scammers when they dont deliver

donita wallace

Monday 20th of March 2023

im so mad i be waiting for my winning money for weeks and i still having got nothing.where is my winning

Christina Stackhouse

Tuesday 28th of March 2023

@donita wallace, wow so it’s a scam so sad