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Street Fighter Duel: Exchange Code List and Guide

Street Fighter Duel is a new mobile RPG based off of the world famous Street Fighter franchise for the iOS and Android platforms. You can build a team of up to for fighters at a time using all of your favorite characters from the franchise, from the first game all the way up to the most recent one. You can collect cash, gems, rare fighters, and a whole lot more.

This game contains a function to allow you to input exchange codes, which are bonus codes that are given out by the developers in order to reward loyal players with free rewards, or bribe new players into signing up. Rewards can consist of boosts and premium currency such as gold, resources, and more, and can be redeemed like a coupon; one time each, but you can use as many as you want.

Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to get more of them, and how to use them in Street Fighter Duel!

To redeem these codes, you have to get through the tutorial first, which can be a bit long and annoying, but not too long, and if you are already well into the game, ignore this and go to the next step.

Tap on your avatar, then tap on the settings button to open the settings menu. After you do that, then tap on the button that says “exchange code” and a text box will appear. Enter your code in the box, then hit the button to confirm it, and you will get your rewards immediately.

Now you actually have to find codes that you can use; to do so, begin your search on the official Facebook page for the game. This is one of the most likely places to find new codes, so subscribe to the page so that you can instantly get all of the newest codes, and look up and down the feed to see if there are any previous codes that you might have missed.

Other social media networks are also excellent sources for codes, such as Instagram, Twitter, VK, Chinese social media networks, and more. Some of these will have official developer-run pages, while others will not necessarily, but even fan pages sometimes contain codes. Ignore any fan post that advertises a code in exchange for taking a survey, though, because these are all scams.

Reddit is an excellent source for codes, so go to the Subreddit for Street Fighter Duel and look for threads by players who are giving codes away, or players who are asking for codes. Even in the question threads, you will often find replies by players who are nice enough to share codes.

Videos and streams are always great sources for codes, especially codes that you won’t find anywhere else, because Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators often get exclusive codes straight from the developers. They’ll share these in their streams or their videos, so keep looking for new codes in video and stream titles.

Check the review page on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, whichever one you usually use, in order to find codes that have been posted in reviews by other players. Search the newest reviews first, followed by older ones. As always, share any codes of your own that you might have that you don’t see posted.

As of right now, there are different sets of available codes depending on what version of the game that you are playing.

Codes for the Crunchyroll version:

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Codes for the A Plus Japan version:





Be sure to keep an eye on this article, because as we find more codes for both versions of the game, we will keep it updated!